Reasons to Advertise!

If you are thinking of advertising but want to know a little bit more about us, read on.

Do the magazines work?

The most common question we are asked by prospective advertisers is ‘does it work?’ and the answer is a resounding YES! We know the magazines work as the majority of our advertisers book into the magazine each and every month, they wouldn’t if it didn’t bring them calls!

Why do the magazines work?

Our advertisers are the key to our success, if it works for you it will work for us! For the magazine to work for you we feel there are a number of key elements to getting it right.

1. Repetition – All our magazines are well established in the areas covered, people expect to see it, and they know when to expect it! All our magazines will be produced and delivered when we say they will!
2. Delivery – We use a reputable local company to ensure our magazines are delivered, professionally, diligently and on time. We periodically spot check the distribution by knocking on doors.
3. Professional design – Whatever your message is, we know how to get it across and we value the importance of getting it right!
4. Playing Fair – We do not guarantee your position in the magazine (unless you book one of our premium pages) and we do not guarantee exclusivity, what we can guarantee is that you will be fairly treated and will be placed fairly in respect to your competition.
5. Price – with adverts available from as little as £12.75 per month we believe all sizes of business can advertise without breaking the bank!
6 Website – working alongside the magazines the website provides an excellent online platform for your business. The website is advertised across all 4 magazines, so, regardless of the physical distribution of the magazines, your business will effectively be advertised to up to 29,000 homes every month! We guarantee that your business will be listed on our site within 28 days of distribution.
7 Location – Not only do customers want to use a local business but small businesses want to work locally too, it’s a fact! Our magazines are locally focused covering very specific areas, allowing you to pick the magazine(s) with the distribution that works best for your business.
8 Local interest – all our magazines have local interest articles and what’s on guides to ensure people use and keep the magazine longer.
9 Competition – There is a lot less competition in local magazines, other larger publications advertise many more of the same type of business from a wider area and, whilst we will never limit the numbers of businesses in any one category, the nature of the beast ensures you will have more of an opportunity to stand out!

Which magazine?

You can book any combination of magazines to suit your individual business, whether you want to book 1 or all 4 you get the same great service!

The Wibsey Word: Established for over 7 years covering the Wibsey area of the city the magazine is produced every month (excluding January) with a total distribution of 7000 copies.
Greenway Gazette: Established for over 3 years covering Bierley, East Bierley, Oakenshaw, Birkenshaw, Drighlington and Gomersal the magazine is produced every month (excluding January) with a total distribution of 10,300 copies.
The Wyke Awake: Established for over 6 years covering Wyke and Low Moor the magazine is produced every other month with a distribution of 7000.
The Shelf Life & Northowram / Southowram News: Established for over 6 years covering Shelf, Northowram and Southowram the magazine is produced every other month with a distribution of 7000.

Now you have more of an idea how we work, give us a call, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.