Thank you for choosing to pay by recurring credit/debit card payment, the process to set up is easy and will only take a few moments.
If you are advertising in The Greenway Gazette and have taken one of our standard priced deals please fill in the start date (must be a minimum 2 weeks in advance of today’s date) then choose the size and number of months from the drop down menu.
If you are adverting in more than one magazine then you need to fill in the details under the ‘multiple magazine’ heading. Again the start date must be a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of today’s date. The amount required is the figure given to you by Kevin and the number of months is based on how long you want the payments to run.
*Please note all payments must be received in our bank by the 20th of the month preceding publication i.e. if your first issue is August your payment must be set up for the 20th of July.

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